… just having a bad one 


Psychic TV EDEN 3 VHS- 1985

if there’s anyone following me whose first reaction to a thing is ‘buh-buT MISANDRY’, leave

i do not like you




or the larger image: have you thought about the amount of women in influential positions (in history and present) that are thought as maniacs while men usually aren’t. male writers, artists, men of state, etc., can always be melancholic which is always idealised as the male deep intellectual who feels the pressure of weltschmerz but they are never mad. and now contrast that with women: the hysterics. even if you just go for the really popular examples of writers like woolf and plath.


i think people are not enough aware of the female artists who were and still are considered volatile, mad, insane, hysteric after their works were stolen, their creativity exploited to the core by their lovers, male artists who said they loved them and just used them for their own benefits. would it not make you angry seeing your oeuvres, what you live to create, bear the name of someone else shown against your will in exhibitions celebrating male geniuses?

i feel like such a billy no mates my life partner and papayasadness are snoozing together in berlin rn fuuuuuuck being ill i am so tired


“I wore that c-section scar from my baby girl Milini like a badge of honor!!” - Chaka Khan