Photo by Fritz Brinckmann
Day 7 - Favourite band member apart from Blixa
ladygents and manbabes, this is alex hacke who joined einstürzende neubauten at the tender age of 15, and in his tenure as the youngest (and craziest?) member of EN, variously took on sampling and mixing desk duty, moving on to guitar, and for the past fifteen years has been playing some really fucking good bass. THAT’S NOT ALL. his earliest recordings as a young teen, under the name alexander von borsig, include the haunting 'hiroshima' which i really recommend, and he was in sentimentale jugend with sometime-girlfriend christiane f, has worked with mona mur, boyd rice, genesis p-orridge, crime & the city solution, is in a band called hitman’s heel with his wife danielle, and is involved in countless other things.
basically, alex rules.